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Build your network and your motorsports family with our Corporate Membership options.

A corporate membership has 4 designated Members from one company.

Benefits are similar to a Country Club Member with the addition of 24 yearly guest driving passes ($3,600+ Value).

Unlimited Access

  • Membership includes immediate family, children until age 27
  • Access to circuits six days a week, seven months a year
  • Opportunity to learn from highly skilled instructors with a wealth of experience
  • Amenities include fabulous food, attentive service, and entertainment and meeting spaces
  • Family Fun includes ladies days, karting facilities and festival weekends
  • If you want to race wheel to wheel, we have a Member series for every type of car
  • You will be part of an exclusive automotive enthusiast community that is second to none

Racing Opportunities

  • Member Racing Series ‐ Miata, GT, Enduro, Wings‐n‐Things, Chase Race
  • Member Autocross Series
  • Member Rallycross Series
  • Professional Driving Instruction
  • Real Estate Opportunities ‐ Garage Rental, Garage Condo, Private Lot
  • Kart Track Access
  • Participation in Autobahn Kart Racing League
  • Year End Holiday and Awards Celebration
  • Variety of Social Activities ‐Season and Post‐Season

The experience is bringing your personal network to enjoy the sights and sounds of Autobahn Country Club for business, relationships, or both.

Initiation Fee: $128,000 ($32,000 per designated member)

Annual Dues: $20,000 ($5,000 per designated member)

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