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Join An Unmatched Automotive Community

Country Club Memberships include Track & Facility Access, Member Racing Programs and Club Social Events.

With your Country Club Membership, you may enjoy:

Unlimited Access

  • Membership includes immediate family, children until age 27
  • Access to circuits six days a week, seven months a year
  • Opportunity to learn from highly skilled instructors with a wealth of experience
  • Amenities include fabulous food, attentive service, and entertainment and meeting spaces
  • Family Fun includes ladies days, karting facilities and festival weekends
  • If you want to race wheel to wheel, we have a Member series for every type of car
  • You will be part of an exclusive automotive enthusiast community that is second to none

Racing Opportunities

  • Member Racing Series ‐ Miata, GT, Enduro, Wings‐n‐Things, Chase Race
  • Member Autocross Series
  • Member Rallycross Series
  • Professional Driving Instruction
  • Real Estate Opportunities ‐ Garage Rental, Garage Condo, Private Lot
  • Kart Track Access
  • Participation in Autobahn Kart Racing League
  • Year End Holiday and Awards Celebration
  • Variety of Social Activities ‐Season and Post‐Season


Initiation Fee $40,000

Annual Dues $5,000

Have one or more friends interested in joining? Contact us today for “Group Discounts.”

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