Founder Mark Basso enjoyed the amenities of country clubs, but there was a problem. He did not like golf. The motorsports he was passionate about, on the other hand, did not provide the amenities or environment of a traditional country club. This was the origin Autobahn Country Club – to fuse our passion for motorsports with the camaraderie, amenities, and family-friendly atmosphere of a country club.

Our Club

To create the club, we couldn’t just design a track, we had to design a community. One that would cater to both families and individuals at the same time whether setting lap records or enjoying the weekend. Hopefully both. With that in mind, we had three priorities when designing the track:

  • Close to Home
  • Safe – generous run off areas – wide for passing
  • Family Friendly

The result is a nearly four mile race track with two different layouts by a renowned designer. Accompanying this is a go kart track, skidpad, rallycross course, and offroad trail to accommodate any automotive goal. We combined that with world class facilities and amenities for an unforgettable motorsports experience.

Our Community

Over the years, we have grown into much more than a place to track cars. Member racing has become a marquee event, providing competition opportunities that have evolved some members from sportsmen to SCCA and IMSA professionals. Camaraderie has grown, and members bring a full variety of vehicles from track to street cars to enjoy.

Different people enjoy our track for different reasons and in different ways, but at the end of the day we are all “car guys”. The proudest aspect of our club is that we are a vibrant, close knit community.

It’s the only place in the world where you can trim down your lap times while growing your friendships.

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