Autobahn Sprint

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy your street car on a world-class road course, Autobahn would like to make that happen! Our Autobahn Sprint Program gives you everything you need:

  • classroom hosted by Autobahn’s driving instructors
  • helmeted lead/follow track sessions in your car
  • an exciting Autocross competition
  • great food in a unique motorsports club environment

Here’s what to expect…

Autobahn’s driving instructors will provide a 45-min classroom session to prepare you for the day’s activities. The group is divided in half. One group heads out to our 1.5-mi North Circuit for several controlled, high-speed lapping sessions following a lead instructor car. Autobahn’s North Circuit is the perfect place to hug the tight corners, throttle up in the straight-away’s, and really enjoy your high-performance street car in a safe environment. The second group participates in our exciting Autocross Competition, where they’ll have several attempts at their fastest laps around our challenging autocross course. Heavy acceleration, braking, and tight cornering will be needed to negotiate this coned course, and our instructors will record the times for each attempt. In the second hour the groups switch so each guest gets the chance to enjoy both driving activities.

Our guests then head to the Clubhouse where our instructors will host an award ceremony to acknowledge the fastest autocross competitors, followed by a hot buffet lunch or dinner prepared fresh by Autobahn’s award-wining Executive Chef and Hospitality team.




3 Hours

Open to street cars only, no race cars or heavily modified track cars allowed. Drivers must be 18 or older and have a valid US driver’s license to participate.

Register – MAY 11
Register – AUGUST 18
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