Kart Racing Series

Class Age Kart Min. Weight (W/ Driver)
Kid Kart 5-8 Wildcat 150 lbs
Ignite Rookie 8-12 Ignite K2 250 lbs
Ignite Junior 12-15 Ignite K3 320 lbs
Ignite Senior 15+ Ignite K3 375 lbs

Kart Racing League Rules

The rules and classes for these karts mirror established regional and national classes, meaning a purchase of one of these karts allows you to run, not only with us, but at other tracks without any major changes.

The 2018 season will include 10 events starting on April 28.

The affordable pricing, sealed motors and spec rules will make this a great addition to the action at the kart track. The K2 chassis is designed specifically for the 8-12 year olds and the K3 fits those 15 yrs. and up.

The Margay Wildcat, with a 50cc motor, is great for the 5-8 year old racer in your family.

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Kart Racing League Schedule